How to Make ShadowImage in HDS AMS2500 with CCI

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1. 1 host (server)
2. 1 Lun for Command Device min. 33 MB
3. 1 Lun for P-VOL
4. 1 Lun for S-vol
5. CCI Software for scheduler
6. Size P-vol = Size S-vol

Step by step

On Storage Side

1. Create LUN CMD = min.33MB , P-Vol= 5GB, S-Vol=5GB
2. Create DMLU = min 10GB
3. Assign P-vol,S-vol,CMD on server (host)

On Server / Host side

1. Install CCI software on Server (host)
2. Assign LUN CMD, P-vol and S-Vol  to host
3. Dont initialize the S-Vol on host, just assigned LUN
4. Initialize the P-Vol and Format it and give name drive
5. Copy horcm.conf to windows from CLI
    cd C :\horcm\
    C :\horcm\copy horcm.conf C:\Windows\horcm0.conf
    C :\horcm\copy horcm.conf C:\Windows\horcm1.conf
6. Setting the horcm0.conf and horcm1.conf 

7. If you difficult to setting the horcm.conf especially to find the HORCM_CMD
          type this C:\HORCM\etc> echo $Phsy | raidscan -find

for make shadowimage

1. Go to CLI in server
2. Go to directory C:\HORCM\etc>
3. Set the environment of ShadowImage
    set HORCMINST=0
    set HORCC_MRCF=1

4. then start the service of Horcm
    horcmstart 0 1
5. then make pair
    paircreate -g (groupname) -vl
6. then you will see the status smplx
    pairdisplay -g (groupname)
7. then you just give data ini drive / Lun P-vol
8. then type the paircreate command again
    paircreate -g (groupname) -vl --> you will see the status is to be COPY
9. wait till the status to be PAIR
10. after the status is PAIR so make the pairing to be split.
    pairsplit -g (groupname) -CLI --> the status to be PSUS and SSUS
11. give the data again to the P-vol then in CLI you must make the status tobe PAIR again
    pairresync -g (groupname)
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