How To Replace XSCFU Module at M4000 Server Solaris

Kamis, Juni 25, 20150 komentar

Today, i would like to show you how to replace the XSCFU part on M4000 Sun Server.

We have a condition that the XSCFU cannot be accessed by console serial port and the server already down. First we do, is 

1. We need to make sure that the server already down. Then try to dummy replace the XSCFU, this action maybe make us can access the XSCFU. 

2. If we can access to the XSCFU, please login with your user/password. 

3. After that, do command : 
>XSCF>show status; 
XSCF> showstatus ;
*XSCFU Status:Degraded; --> this error is XSCFU failed or error.

4. Dont forget to check the firmware of the XSCFU, why we need check firmware, because if our new part FW is older than current, the XCFU cannot up and the server also : 
>XSCF>version -c xcp; 
XSCF#0 (Active )
XCP0 (Current): 1101
XCP1 (Reserve): 1101

5. Then after all that step done, just replace the XSCFU, i dont have the image, but it is easy, because ou just pull up the holder at the bottom right of XSCFU. 

6. After this you will be able to login to XSCFU with default user/password. 

7. Then check the status of the XCSFU : 
XSCF> showstatus ;
XSCF>version -c xcp; --> if older than current, you need to update it.
XSCF>showhardconf; --> make sure that, there are no another hardware error.
XSCF>setdate -s 2015.06.22-18:59:00 --> dont forget to set the date, because if we dont set it, we cannot login to server
XSCF>poweron -d0; 
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