How To Analys Crashdump / Server error

Selasa, November 11, 20140 komentar

You should make your dumpadm to be dedicated device.

1. dumpadm -d /dev/dsk/c1t2d0s0
2. then doing savecore -L (live dump), to make vdump.
3. then do savecore -vf /var/crash/vdump.0, it will make a vmcore.0
4. compress it to vmcore.0.tar.gz
5. We need scat to read the vmcore.0

1. First we need to get the explorer.( klik this link)
2. Then read the explorer with Explominer.
3. Then, run scat to cek some error like panic in system. When you enter the scat command do this command (stack, panic, msgbuf, dispq, analyze) to cek what the problem is.
4. Combine the data explorer with the vmcore and then doing traubleshooting.

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