How to Upgrade ILOM Firmware on Solaris Server X4270-M2

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How to Upgrade ILOM Firmware on Solaris Server X4270-M2

I made this article base on my experience last night at my customer.
They have 1 server DB that suddenly the server down. I do troubleshooting and i've fund that the mainboard has been fault. So, i try to looking for the solution how to solve the problem before replace the part at least.

Than after i serched on oracle, oracle said that it is a bug from the ILOM firmware. Oke, then i upgraded the FW after that the problem solve.

And this is the step how to upgrade ILOM FW.

1. Check the IP Address of your ILOM.
    #login to ILOM
    # -> show /SP/network
2. After you know the IP, access it by GUI at IE.
3. Login and go to menu maintainance tab.
4. There is button Enter Update Mode, click that button.
5. Upload your data_NewFirmware.pkg to your machine.
6. Dont forget to check *Preserve the existing ILOM (to use your current ILOM).
7. After that just wait and it will reboot automatically.

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