3PAR Allocation by using CLI

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Hi Friends,

In this article i would like to share my new experience in 3PAR HP Storage. 
In this case, we have a request from customer to allocate LUNS from 3Par and make LUNS as filesystem (LVM).

For ex : 
Cust request 2x512Gb and assign it to server svr1. 

Step 1. 
1. Login by putty SSH to IP 3PAR. 
2. Check all the CPG's first, to check all the storage space left. 
Command : showcpg

3PARGue cli% showcpg
                            ----Volumes---- -Usage- -------------(MiB)--------------
Id Name               Warn% VVs TPVVs TDVVs Usr Snp     Base     Snp   Free    Total
 5 CPG_Name     - 375   375     0 375   0 31300096       0 339456 31639552
 1 total                                    528 425 37235456 1195520 590848 39021824

3. Check all hosts in 3par. 
Command : showhost

4. After that we need to check the LUNID of the hostgroup. 
Command : showvlun -host svr1

5. We will find that there is LUNID's from the svr1. This function is to make easy for choose your free lunID, so it will not overwrite existing LUN's

6. If you find all, then create the Vvol. 

Command : 
createvv -tpvv CPG_Name VLUN_Name1 500g
createvv -tpvv CPG_Name VLUN_Name2 500g

7. Assign the VLUN_Name1 and VLun_Name2 to the svr1. 
Command : 
createvlun VLUN_Name1 160 svr1
createvlun VLUN_Name2 161 svr1

8. Recheck the lun already assigned.
command :
showvlun -host svr1 -lvw

Note :

CPG : A common provisioning group (CPG) is a virtual pool of logical disks that allows up to 64 volumes. It is also called the policy of your RaidGroup.
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