How to Replace Tape Drive LTO on SL8500 StorageTek Library

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This case happened 2 weeks ago. I got information from L2 that the tape cannot do backup prosses because one of the drive (0,4,1,9) was failed. So, we need to do troubleshoot and replace it. 

And this is the step how to replace it. 

1. You need enter the ACSLS server, this is the server to do troubleshoot the library by console. 
    #vary drive 0,4,1,9 off --> to make the drive offline. 
2. Then, you need to replace the drive. Make sure that you have pull out the FC connection to host first, then pull out the drive from BAY.

If you wanna replace the drive, you need see inside of the screw, there is LTO or else. Cek this picture :

3. Pull UP the bazzle, loosen all the screw, pull the drive then disconnected all the cable behind the drive (FC cable and Power Cable). See picture below : 
4. After all, you need to replace the drive. Connected all cable, bazzle and also the important thing is if you loosen the screw in LTO type, you to connected that screw on the same type. 
5. After that, plug the tape drive on the library again. on the same location. 
6. If everything oke. Please make online the drive on ACSLS server. 
    #vary drive 0,4,1,9 online --> make online the drive again.

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