How to upgrade Solaris 10 update 11 by using Live Upgrade

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This is the step how to upgrade OS Solaris 10 update 11. First you need to do is , cek what the configuration of the filesystem. Then you need to break the SVM and edit the VFSTAB.

Now, we have 2 disks.

- disk 0 : c3t5000C5003A03532Dd0
- disk 1 : c7t5000C5003A033E41d0

File System Config :
/ (root) : c3t5000C5003A03532Dd0s0 and c7t5000C5003A033E41d0s0
swap : c3t5000C5003A03532Dd0s1 and c7t5000C5003A033E41d0s1
var    : c3t5000C5003A03532Dd0s6 and c7t5000C5003A033E41d0s6

Break the SVM :

# metastat -c
d60              m  100GB d61 d62
    d61          s  100GB /dev/dsk/c7t5000C5003A033E41d0s6
    d62          s  100GB /dev/dsk/c3t5000C5003A03532Dd0s6
d20              m   63GB d21 d22
    d21          s   63GB /dev/dsk/c7t5000C5003A033E41d0s1
    d22          s   63GB /dev/dsk/c3t5000C5003A03532Dd0s1
d10              m  115GB d11 d12
    d11          s  115GB /dev/dsk/c7t5000C5003A033E41d0s0
    d12          s  115GB /dev/dsk/c3t5000C5003A03532Dd0s0

# metaroot /dev/dsk/c7t5000C5003A033E41d0s0
# metade tach d10 d12
d10: submirror d12 is detached
# metadetach d20 d22
d20: submirror d22 is detached
# metadetach d60 d62
d60: submirror d62 is detached

# pkgrm SUNWlucfg SUNWluu SUNWlur --> remove pkg
*upgrade patch 121430-93
# patchadd 121430-83
# cd Solaris_10/Tools/Installers/
# ./liveupgrade20 -noconsole -nodisplay

lucreate -C /dev/dsk/s0 -n "up_os10u11" -m /:/dev/dsk/s0:ufs -m -:/dev/dsk/s1:swap -m /var:/dev/dsk/s6:ufs

lucreate -C /dev/dsk/c7t5000C5003A033E41d0s0 -n "up_os10u11" -m /:/dev/dsk/c3t5000C5003A03532Dd0s0:ufs -m -:/dev/dsk/c3t5000C5003A03532Dd0s1:swap -m /var:/dev/dsk/c3t5000C5003A03532Dd0s6:ufs

# lustatus

*disable autoregistration
cd /tmp
vi autoreg

# luupgrade -u -n up_os10u11 -s /cdrom/sol_10_113_sparc -k /tmp/autoreg

# luactivate up_os10u11
# init 6 >>dont use reboot
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